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1. How to extend tyres life?

  • Use the opportunity while cleaning and inflating, to check the wear of the tyre, to check whether there are nails or stones inside the patterns, whether there is abnormal wear and tear, injuries and so on. So that problems can be treated in time. Replace the tyre when it is necessary, avoid due to serious wear problem tyres cannot continue to be used. 
    In addition, pay attention to the front wheel while checking the tyre. Because when the front wheels explode, the consequences are very dangerous. Therefore, newer, deeper patterns, no flaw tyres should be selected as front-wheel. Check balance in order to avoid vibration due to high speed driving.

2. When to replace the tyres?

  • When three wear tags are found on the tyre, replace the tyre.
  • When the tyre belt exposed, replace the tyre.
  • When there are cracks, scratches on the sidewall and cut deep to the wire, replace the tyre.
  • When there are mass, protruding or cracks, replace the tyre.
  • When a wheel deforms, cracks or serious rust, replace the tyre.
  • When the tyre is punctured, cut or other damage, replace the tyre.

3. Basic inspection and maintenance before driving

  • Tyre pressure should be checked before driving. This should be measured when the tyre is cold. Adjust the tyre manufacturer’s specified air pressure. And lack of air pressure or over can both cause damage to the tyres.
  • Tyres should be maintained by special maintenance wax, which can help avoid tread rubber aging, cracking and rubber degradation.
  • Before driving, you’d better check the surface damage, and eject the stones and sand intruded.     
  • Do not use the tyre with damaged tread and splited cords. Because such kind of worn tyres can easily bilging, which will make the cords rust, shoulder separate and even lead to tyre blowing out.   
  • The remained tread depth limit is 1.6mm. It means that when the remained tread depth is less than this limitation, the tyres should be replaced immediately.
  • In order to ensure safe driving, pay attention to the rim at any time and check if any deformation and cracking occurs.
  • In case of tyre deformation resulted from encountering hard obstacles, and cords break, the tyres must be replaced immediately.  

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ADD:  No.319 Changjiang east road,
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